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Office Potluck March edition

March 06, 2015 | by

Happy Friday!  Once a month, we in the Richmond office of Ampersand try to

have a potluck lunch using recipes from cookbooks that we sell.   Today was the March

installment and actually the first lunch we’ve managed to achieve in 2015.

Office potluck lunch March 2015

To start, Cheryl made Herby Baked Feta with Pita Chips. It was amazing and baking the

cheese seemed to take away the bitterness that feta sometimes has. Next up was Mark’s

offering, Cucumber  Salad with onion, yogurt and cumin- refreshing and delicious. Ali’s dish

was Moroccan Chicken with Preserved Lemons.  So far  we were three for three! All wonderful.

To top off the meal I made Peanut Butter Bacon Fat Cookies  and everyone seemed to enjoy the

bacon-y  aftertaste. I wonder what they’d taste like with crumbled bacon inside???

Here are the cookbooks we used:

Herby Baked Feta with Pita Chips Family Cookbook

DK  9781553532252  (PRH)

Cucumber Salad

Well Fed, Flat Broke

Arsenal Pulp Press

9781551525792 (UTD)

Moroccan Chicken with Preserved Lemons

Modern Jewish Cooking


9781452127484 (RAI)

Peanut Butter Bacon Fat Cookies

Well Fed, Flat Broke

Arsenal Pulp Press

9781551525792  (UTD)

Have a great weekend,


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