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Summer means more time for reading

June 06, 2014 | by

Summer is coming and that means down time for reading.  How great is that?  There are a few books I am
really looking forward to reading this summer.

One is called One Evening in Paris by Nicholas Barreau. (St.Martin’sPress 9781250043122)

One Evening in Paris

It is on the list because

a) It is set in Paris

b) It is a love letter to the movies

c) It is set in Paris

Another is How to Fall by Jane Casey  (St. Martin’s Press 9781250040657)

How to Fall

Jane Casey really knows how to write a mystery and her adult ones have all been fantastic.  This is her first teen mystery and I am sure she won’t disappoint.  It doesn’t hurt either that in her real life she works in London, UK as an editor.  I’ll let you know.


The last book on today’s list is Dead Line by Chris Ewan. (Minotaur 9781250047076)  If you haven’t read Chris Ewan then you are really missing out.  He has a series called “The Good Thief’s Guide “… which is about a not-yet successful writer who puts bread on the table by being a very successful cat burglar.  This new book is a departure from that series and is a thriller set in Marseille (hmm, do I detect a French theme happening in my summer selections?)

Dead Line

The premise of Dead Line is a security expert having  to find and free his fiancee who has been kidnapped  and then his lead suspect  also goes missing, taken hostage by a gang.  Sounds perfect for a good afternoon in the sun.

There are more books on the list (and in one of the many piles) but this is enough for a good start.

Happy reading and have a great weekend!


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