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Film Fest Madness

September 03, 2015 | by

Hi friends!

The Toronto International Film Festival is coming, which means it’s around the time

my best friend Bill Murray and I hang out while he’s in the city #tbt.

Bill Murray

I mean, if you substitute “best” with “I” and “friend” with “stalked” then you’d get

a complete and accurate description of our relationship. Anyhow, sometimes Toronto feels like

Hollywood and it’s when you can rub shoulders with famous people. Or they can rub  your


Bill Murray

Oh, did I already show you that picture? The one of me and Bill Murray? Sorry, I must

have forgotten.

Sometimes walking down the streets of Toronto I get confused with where I am. Like when

I pass a newspaper stand that says “L.A. Weekly” and there’s a palm tree ahead of me, that I’m

positive wasn’t there before.


Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that  the reps are excited about the film festival and want to share

their favourite film books of the season with you. Click on our Film Fest Madness banner above to check

out what they recommend!


– Tamara (is bff’s with Bill Murray)


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