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April 11, 2014 | by

Do you ever notice that people connect you with quirky things?  If you had an odd name, they will comment
on the obvious ( if you’re called Shirley Holmes for instance).  Or, in my case, because I work for
Ampersand, if  they come across anything to do with an ampersand they will usually send it to me or
tell me about it.  I think before the company was called Ampersand that word wasn’t on the minds of
most of the people I know.  That said, I love ampersands and wanted to share a great one sent to me
last week.  Thanks for reading my first ever blog posting.   Dot

Ampersand Cheese and CrackersI am also posting a picture of the official dog in the Vancouver office.  Meet Eddie.

Eddie, the official dog of the Vancouver Ampersand Office

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