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Has Spring sprung?

March 19, 2018 | by

Out here on the west coast, we tend to get started on our gardens early. In the last two weeks, I’ve seen crocuses, daffodils, and cherry blossoms!


That means it’s time to get thinking what you’ll be planting. Check out these awesome titles to get you started!

Awesome Ancient Grains & Seeds
A Garden-to-Kitchen Guide, Includes 50 Vegetarian Recipes
by Jason & Genest (01/17/18)
9781771621779 | Douglas & McIntyre | UTP
Paperback | Price: $24.95

This book has recipes AND growing instructions, so you can get your own supply of quinoa, bulger, and spelt and then figure out what to do with them!


Backyard Bounty
The Complete Guide to Year-round Gardening in the Pacific Northwest, Revised & Expanded
by Gilkeson, Linda (03/20/18)
9780865718418 | New Society | UTP
Paperback | Price: $29.99

For those of us in the PNW, a fantastic, encyclopedic resource! If it isn’t contained in this book, you don’t need to know it!


Living with Plants
A Guide to Indoor Gardening
by Lee, Sophie (06/06/17)
9781784880965 | Hardie Grant | RAI
Cloth | Price: $34.99

Sadly, some of us live in teeny tiny apartments with balconies under 20 square feet (ahem). But that’s okay, there are some awesome ideas for how to stretch your green thumb indoors in this beauty of a book!


Wanderlust and Wildflowers Colored Pencils
10 Colored Pencils
by Daisy, Katie (03/27/18)
9781452161242 | Chronicle Books | RAI
Writing Implements And Accessories | Price: $21.95

Finally, you’re going to have to take some notes (and maybe even draw out a garden plan), so you better pick up some pretty pencils and get to work!


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