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Europe Bound

June 02, 2016 | by

Hi guys!

I’m getting ready to go on a two week trip next week and I’m PRETTY EXCITED!

My coworkers have been helping me prepare by gifting me Lonely Planet travel books for Iceland, Paris, and London. I ignorantly and arrogantly said “But I have the internet,” which led to gasps and strongly worded stories about unfortunate travelers of the past who thought the same thing and then couldn’t connect anywhere and got lost and eaten by angry bears. Okay, I exaggerated very slightly there. But the point is that having a solid book chock-full of expert advise from professionals who have seen the world and tried all-the-things is incomparable to one’s phone, which could lose all the information you need in a hot second.

The Lonely Planet guides are so far wonderful¬†and are organized incredibly well. Things are broken down by area, or by activity, food, budget, amount of days you’ll be visiting, etc. It’s very awesome and the best part is that there’s a pull out map in the back of each one. No more zooming in and out and scrolling through teeny tiny digital maps on my phone. I’m going to travel like it’s 1999, (which turns out is the better way to travel)!

These are the guides that I have:


Lonely Planet Iceland 9th Ed.
Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet Box Set London, Paris, New York 978-1743218518 Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet Box Set London, Paris, New York
Lonely Planet

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