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International Doughnut Day!

June 02, 2016 | by

Here in Vancouver, we are lucky enough to have lots of delicious doughnuts to chose from: the ever popular Tim Hortons, the mini-donuts of the PNE and even gourmet flavours from local bakery Cartems Donuterie (Early Grey is my favourite!)

To celebrate this most “holey” of treats, I am taking it upon myself to munch as many as possible this Friday in honour of National Doughnut Day.

If you like to read about your snacks, you should take a gander at The Hole Story of the Doughnut!

Maybe you should wait until after you finish your tasty treat. You don’t want to get the pages all sticky!

The Hole Story of the Doughnut | Hardcover
Pat Miller | Vincent X Kirsch
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Ages 6-9 | Published May 3, 2016
$25.99 CA list price

Until next week!

— Dani “Dough-nut make me stop eating Timbits!” Farmer

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