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World Vegetarian Day

October 01, 2015 | by

Hi everyone!

I heard that today is World Vegetarian Day. The official day to put down that chicken wing

and pick up some kale.


When I was 12 I decided to stop eating meat. This lasted for 12 years (because I’m stubborn)

and then one day I put a piece of steak in my mouth hole and something happened to me.

I then became a disgusting carnivore, which I noticed had an effect on my physical state.

So I decided to cut back a bit and start eating a little more responsibly again so that I can feel like

this again.

I’m not saying that not eating meat is bad, I’m saying it’s hard! Luckily for us we have so many more

great options and cookbooks than when I was 12. Here are some amazing cookbooks full of the tastiest

meals for the vegetarians, the healthy do-gooders, and the people who are trying their darndest to eat a little better.

Happy munching!

– Tamara


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