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Why am I working when I could be home reading my book?

January 16, 2015 | by

Ok, I know.  We all have to make a living.  Most of

the time that is a great thing as I love my job.  The

only time that gets in the way is when I am part way

through a book I really, really like.  I started my ARC of

The Book of Speculation by Erika Swyler

(978-1-250-05480-7,  $31.50, Macmillan)

and it is so captivating I can’t wait to go home and read.  I don’t want

to do chores, cook, return calls, talk to anyone; I just want to read my


You know how it is when you are grabbed by a book and are totally swept

up into that world?  That’s me at the moment.  Plus, not only is it a good

read but it is a great book story as well.  The author made multiple handmade,

hand-aged, hand-bound copies of her manuscript to send out to publishers.

I will quote her here:

“When submitting The Book of Speculation for publication, I faced a problem.  I

needed to convey the magic of a very old book, a seductive power that leads my

librarian protagonist, Simon, down the rabbit hole of a family curse.  The solution was

both obvious and ridiculous: I’d replicate Simon’s experience and create a book as

alluring as the one he receives, something with pictures, letters, and tarot cards.  I had to

make books.  In teaching myself bookbinding, I fell down my own rabbit hole of needles,

drills, tea staining, illustration, gilding, and more paper dust than one person should

ever inhale.”

I am positive the finished book is going to be a thing of beauty.  The tale in The

Book of Speculation reminds me in a way of The Night Circus; and not just the story but

the way it makes me feel.  When I finished The Night Circus I wanted to read it again immediately.

I have an odd feeling that I will want to do the same with this book.


Book of Speculation

Check out Erika’s blog and her

baking  Tumblr  (too yummy for words!)

Have a great weekend!


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