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Tree of the Year

October 28, 2014 | by

Tree of the Year - pk


Having spent a lot of the weekend raking and piling leaves on the boulevard

I have been contemplating trees this week.  In my neighbourhood increasing

demand for housing in the city results in subdivided lots with trees coming down

to make way for more homes.  I do miss those trees!

Yesterday  I read a  BBC feature  story about a Tree of the Year contest.

Experts at the British Woodland Trust and other nature groups have drawn up a shortlist of 10 trees.

A public vote determines the winner.   Voters are asked to consider the cultural and ecological value.

This year finalists include 7 oaks, two yews and an apple tree – Newton’s apple tree to be exact.

One of the oaks is 800 years old and believed to have sheltered Robin Hood.

Check out all the finalists in the link below.  And ponder their beauty and history

while you are raking or walking through the fall leaves.



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