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Time to get Spooky

October 16, 2015 | by

In one of my forays into the wilds of the internet, I turned up this
fantastic Spooktober Reading Bingo card from Julie Israel’s blog:

Click the image above to visit her blog and
print your own Spooktober Reading Bingo card!


I love themed reading challenges so I thought I should probably
give this one a go for the month of October. Here are some of the
books I plan on reading this month to get me in the Halloween spirit:

The Big Book of Canadian Ghost Stories (9781550028447) Dundurn

This book should take care of a few squares,
including “A local ghost story or spook lore.”

Classic Tales of Horror (9781626864658) Canterbury Classics

Bonus points to this one for being beautifully leather-bound;
you can totally pretend that it’s an eldritch tome while you read it!

Bones & All (9781250046505) St. Martin’s Press

This novel about a teenage cannibal takes care of both
“The monster is human” and “Title contains the word ‘dead,’
‘blood,’ or ‘bone'” squares. Plus it’s just a darn-good read!


Hopefully I’ve helped to get you in the mood for Spooktober.
Happy reading, horror fans!


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