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There are emergencies in publishing

April 02, 2015 | by

Hi there!

We have a saying in our office, `There is no such thing as a book emergency.`This helps us
put things in perspective when we are panicking about due dates, orders, shipments, etc. When
we think about the doctors, the police, and the firemen of the world who are dealing with saving
lives, we get it. Books change lives, they don`t need to give CPR or run into
burning buildings.
So we put our heads down and work hard with that in mind, making sure there is a balance between
urgency and humour. Things that help us run smoothly are our monthly cheese club and a steady
stream of cookies on our communal table. Yesterday, we saw the dark side of this system when
someone asked where the Fudgee-o`s were and the box was found with one cookie left. ONE. This
morning this was found manically scrawled on our shopping list board:


We might not be saving lives, but I think we can all agree that there are definitely things to get worked
up about in publishing.

– Tamara

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