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The Trap

January 05, 2016 | by

Happy New Year!  While resting up between holiday festivities I read The Trap by young German author

Melanie Raabe.  Coming from Anansi in April this psychological thriller tells the story of a successful novelist

Linda Conrads who has not left her home for eleven years.  Linda is haunted by the memory of her sister’s

unsolved murder.  She found her sister lying in a pool of blood and saw the murderer’s face as he was fleeing.

One day while watching TV  she sees that face and starts to create a plan to set a trap for the murderer without

ever leaving her home.  The man she believes murdered her sister is a high-profile journalist.   Linda decides to

write the story of her sister’s murder and grant him an exclusive interview.  But is he a heartless killer or a helpless



the trap

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