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The Getting of Wisdom

August 26, 2015 | by


Last month my colleague Tamara had her wisdom teeth out.  Reading between the lines

I can tell Tamara was a good patient.   Cheerful and considerate of others –like the assistant

with the exceptionally long eyelashes.

Well today my youngest son had his wisdom teeth out  – something he has been avoiding for several years.

Here is how it went:

Midnight – the day before surgery.

Son:  “ Can I really not eat anything else?  I am starving – my surgery is not until noon tomorrow!

I will never make it!”

Me:  “ Of course you will – go to bed now and sleep as long as you can.”

12: 15 a.m.

Son: “ I really don’t want to do this – I am sure my teeth are fine.”

Me:  “Everyone gets their wisdom teeth out – just deal with it! You will be fine.”

Son:  “It’s a scam – the dentists just want to make money.”

Me:   Not out loud.  “Is he right?  Could be!”  “It’s too late to cancel!”

Next morning:

Me: Tip toe around house, unload dishwasher as quietly as possible and

make breakfast for me only – very quietly.

Son: ” I can’t sleep anymore.  I really don’t want to do this.””

Me:  “You will be fine.” (In my head – I sure hope so!)

High Noon: At the Oral Surgeon’s.

Some chatting with assistants and then the surgeon who looks very experienced –

code for even older than me.  Is this a good thing?

Son:  “How long until I fall asleep?”

Anesthetist:  “20 seconds or so.  Think of somewhere you would like to be right now.”

Son:  eyes rolling backwards – out!

Me:  “Boy I could use a coffee!”

45 min later:

Son:” It doesn’t hurt.   I feel fine.  I could write a math exam – I am sure I am ok to drive the car.”

Me:  (In my head)  Hmmm –  How long will this last?  What’s in that medication?

The aftermath:


Not really my son – but a reasonable facsimile.



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