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Summertime is mystery time

August 01, 2014 | by

Happy Friday.  I was going to write about something

else this week but I read a great mystery last weekend

that I had to share.  I know I am late to the table for this series

but it is so good I think others who may have missed these books

should know about them.  The book is The Water Rat of Wanchai

by Ian Hamilton and the edition I read came with a prequel

called The Dragon Head of Hong Kong.  Both were fantastic stories

with great settings, good characters and lots of Chinese food.  (How could one

go wrong with that trio?)  The main character Ava Lee is Chinese Canadian and is

a forensic accountant – a very good one as she is called upon to recover

peoples missing monies (large amounts!)  She has to travel to all sorts of places

to track down the missing dough and is great at what she does.  If you haven’t read

Ian Hamilton, you should give him a try!

Have a great weekend.


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