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Space Walking – Stanley was right!

November 04, 2014 | by

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What do you hear once you put the helmet on?  Stanley Kubrick got it right!

“When you get into space and you get into the suit and you first turn things on it’s noisy,

but as the suit pressure goes down closer and closer to vacuum, the noise diminishes.

It’s just whisper quiet. …  Really, the only sound is yourself breathing.

Watching Kubrick’s 2001 , I was amazed that they were prescient enough

to know that was all Dave would hear.  There’s a whole bunch of the soundtrack

where that’s all it it , just Dave breathing.  That’s close to the truth.”

Chris Hadfield

For more insight on walking in space and fun facts such as  growing taller in space,

check out  Canadian Spacewalkers from Douglas & McIntyre.


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