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Sales conference brain

May 23, 2014 | by

Happy Friday.  We at Ampersand have just emerged from sales conference and I for one am suffering from
Sales Conference Brain.  I know I have heard about hundreds (if not thousands) of great new titles for the Fall
season but they are all still stuck way back in the data bank known as my brain.  I did read one advance copy
of an upcoming book and I have to tell you about it.Last of the Independents Well,  I have read more than one but this one really stuck with me.  First of all it is set in Vancouver and I love
it when you read a book set in your town.  It is a mystery (another plus) and is the first of a new series
(YAY – series (what is the plural for series?) are great.)  The story is told in a snappy way, dark but with
humour.  It has a private detective specializing in missing persons, his stalwart assistant (don’t know how he
could survive without her) and his friend/customer whose missing sister hasn’t been found.  I don’t want to
give too much away but it is a fantastic read with realistic settings and people and best of all no pat answers. 
If you want to spend a rainy day with a good book this would be the one.

On another note, just having returned from Toronto and staying in a hotel; here’s a Bizzarro comic you
might like:


Cat Hotel  from Bizarro

Have a great weekend,


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