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May 05, 2016 | by

Hi guys,

The First Book Canada Scotiabank Pongapalooza event is back and we are gearing up to fight the good fight with our incredible (very limited) ping pong skills! This year the theme is Heroes and Villians.

We didn’t realize this until after we chose our team name. So we are registered as The Smash Williams because nothing says ping pong champions like a reference to the first season of Friday Night Lights. And we also had a hard time getting it together to get team t-shirts to match our name so we ended up with these:


I’m not saying I’m not proud to be The Smash Williams Free Hugs team, but I am saying that if anyone comes up to me for a free hug they might get a ping pong paddle across the head. Pongapalooza people, you’ve been warned.

– Tamara

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