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October 16, 2014 | by

Be inspired!
I remember when I went skiing about 6 years ago and was heading down an icy hill at a speed that
was slightly faster than was in my comfort zone. I remember thinking, “Too fast, too fast, don’t
die,” seconds before my right leg pulled out from under me and went west while my body headed east.
I heard a “Pop!” and then landed on my back on the hill and waited in shame until help came. When
help did come, I remember my leg being poked and prodded before I was strapped into a florescent
orange sled to be taken down the hill, and the man helping me said something that stayed with me
all these years: “Well you’re not a spring chicken anymore.”
To him, I say “<insert R-rated comeback here>”. Check out Rodale’s Older Faster Stronger
by Margaret Webb, who at age 50 decided to run her way into the fitness of a 20 year old athlete
and has succeeded.
Maybe now when I hear my right knee clicking every time I bend or straighten it, I won’t feel old
but inspired to keep moving and grooving because by God, my body can take it.

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