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New Year, Same Me

January 15, 2016 | by

Everyone around me has gone crazy. They’re all “getting healthy” and “cutting out carbs” and “not eating entire family-sized bags of chips for dinner,” all because it has rolled over to a new year. I know better than to make resolutions I won’t keep, so instead I’m steering into the skid that is my eating habits. This led me to cook up a batch of pierogies last night from a fantastic new cookbook, Pierogi Love:

I didn’t take any pictures because:
a) my kitchen is only slightly larger than the interior of a Honda Civic hatchback,
b) my cooking style is highly reminiscent of a toddler playing in a sandbox,
c) I forgot. Sorry!

Due to lack of photographic evidence, you’ll have to take my word for it that they turned out remarkably well! I am far from being the best chef in the Ampersand offices, but I felt rather accomplished as I pinched each adorable little dumpling closed.

Here’s one of my favourite jazz songs about food to enjoy as you think on how badly you want pierogies now!

-Dani “Dough-Girl” Farmer

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