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Mmmmm Beer

May 18, 2015 | by

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Ah yes – first summer weekend and it was lovely in Victoria.

A good time to sample some of the many craft beers available here.

Joe Wiebe’s Craft Beer Revolution is an excellent guide to  B.C.

breweries and an important reference tool!   Joe provides good advice on

growlers – big glass bottles that resemble moonshine jugs.  Once you buy the

$5 growler jug you can get it refilled at many of the local breweries. According to

Joe the name “growler” originated back in the late 1800’s.  Most beer consumed

in American cities was draft and if people wanted to take it home they used a galvanized

steel pail with a lid on it to prevent spillage.  That lid would rumble or “growl” as carbonation

escaped, and the name growler was born.  There was even an expression for fetching the

beer: “rushing the growler.”    Here’s to a summer of growlin for beer!  Cheers!



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