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Just found out …

October 24, 2014 | by

Happy Friday!

First, here’s something to make you smile:

Second, I just found out that an author liked my review of his book on Goodreads!

That’s a new experience for me and it was quite exciting.  The book was The Baklava Club by Jason Goodwin

and it was the fifth of a series of books set in the waning days of the Ottoman Empire featuring Yashim, a

eunuch who happens to be a very good investigator.  I think I may have posted about him before but he’s

well worth mentioning again and well worth reading about.  The stories are good, you get a lot of historical

detail and Yashim likes to cook so you get some tasty looking ideas for what you might want to eat this


Check out the books:

The Janissary Tree

1.The Janissary Tree  9780312426132


The Snake Stone

2.The Snake Stone   9780312428020


The Bellini Card

3.The Bellini Card   9780312429355

An Evil Eye

4.An Evil Eye   9781250002433

The Baklava Club

5.The Baklave Club   9780374294373  HC

(coming in paperback in June 2015)

Have a great weekend!


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