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July Eats ‘N’ Tweets!

July 15, 2014 | by

Yesterday was our July Eats ‘n’ Tweets, where one of us in the Toronto office cooks a meal
from one of our cookbooks for everyone! Deciding that I wanted to make something healthy
and quick (cause who likes slaving away hours in the kitchen?!), I took home the Crazy Sexy Kitchen
cookbook (Hay House, Raincoast Books).


I made some super easy-to-make pita pizzas using mini whole wheat pita bread, a homemade
marinara sauce, spinach, yellow peppers, and some mozzarella (the cookbook suggests fake
cheese, but since none of us in Toronto are vegan and we all have a love of cheese, I just
used the real deal!). As a salad, a deliciously simple spinach and strawberry salad with
roasted walnuts and a balsamic vinaigrette was on the menu.

Want to see how it turned out? Check out the pics on our Facebook page!

~ Vanessa

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