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Jane Austen, meet Moleskine

April 08, 2014 | by

Hola amigos!

Si, it’s true I just came back from Cancun and plowed through 220 emails in 8.5 hours. As you can imagine, my mind is exhausted from taking a drastic turn from beaching, drinking and sleeping, to ONIX, sales reports, and email. Thank God there was an office Burger’s Priest break.


Now, don’t go thinking that I let my mind go to mush in the sun. I kept it working reading my beloved, beautiful Thunderbay Canterbury Classic edition of Pride and Prejudice. My biggest fret: not getting sunscreen all over it.



I did however, get sunscreen all over my Moleskine bag. BEST BEACH BAG EVER by the way. It zips up, keeping pesky sand out and has enough space to fit a small child in it…but don’t do that. Now, back to the grind!



– Tamara

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