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I am so looking forward to this book and you should be too!

December 12, 2014 | by

Happy Friday!

During our  Spring Sales Conference last month,

we were presented an upcoming book by a local BC author,

BBQ Brian Misko, who has recently won the World Food

Championship in the Barbeque catagory.  He had just

returned from the contest in Las Vegas and had the

medal around his neck as proof.  He came to Sales

Conference to tell us a bit about himself and his book.

Brian is a self-taught chef who worked as a software

salesman but decided to follow his passion to be a

barbeque chef; he quit his job and took a leap of

faith.  He has done quite well for himself:

he’s been on CBC, CTV and Global Television and was a

guest chef at the Vancouver Olympics.  He has sauces and

rubs in over 300 stores across Canada, mostly Mom and

Pop places.

As I was flipping through the advance materials I saw

a recipe I had to try – right away – no waiting  for

barbeque season.  I tried it on the weekend, using the oven

in place of the barbeque and it turned out wonderfully and

should  only be better on the barbeque when the weather

gets better.

The title of the recipe is Thai-Style Shrimp-Stuffed

Chicken Breasts.  Brian says in the book that he was inspired

by lemon grass skewers wrapped in shrimp.  He wanted to

add chicken to the taste mixture and I think his recipe is a

winner.  You only have to wait until May for the book to come

out so you can try it yourself.


Grilling With House of Q

Figure 1 (Raincoast)

9781927958100  $24.95 Pb

Have a great weekend!



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