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Going back to Stars Hollow

October 21, 2015 | by

Monday, October 19th was a big night in this neck of the woods.

  1. It was election night and change was sweeping the nation.
  2. The Blue Jays won Game 3 of the ALCS against the Royals.
  3. Canada’s national treasure, Drake, released a new music video.

Canada had a lot to celebrate, so I feel a little guilty in admitting that this piece of news was
what I was most excited about on that fateful night:

A Gilmore Girls revival mini-series is heading to Netflix, with the original showrunners at the helm.

You see, when Gilmore Girls ended in 2007… I was devastated (to say the least).

So one can only imagine how excited I was to hear that the series would be revived and I
would once again be reunited with my all-time favourite fast talking mother-daughter duo:
coffee-addicted, single mother Lorelai and her super smart book-loving daughter Rory.


Seriously, Rory loves books.

Here is a list of all 339 books referenced during the show’s seven seasons.

There is even a Rory Gilmore reading challenge. (I’ve read an abysmal 55/339)

With its quirky cast of small-town characters with big personalities, the complicated family relationships,
and the copious amounts of food consumed in each episode, I could go on forever waxing poetic about my love
for this show.

Instead I found this, which sums up my feelings quite nicely:

– Jenny

P.s. I am forever #TeamJess

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