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Field Trip With My Boss

September 24, 2015 | by

Hi friends,

Last Friday I went on a little field trip with my boss. When we moved to our new office three years ago

my boss and I made a promise to ourselves not to rely on Ikea for everything. And then we

realized that shunning Ikea is an impossible reality. Once we accepted that we found ourselves

at Ikea every. single. week.

We grew to love Ikea with its thousands of $2.50 wine glasses, Billy Bookcases, and hot dogs. It was

much to my happiness to find out that I was going to go on another field trip after all these years. I got excited

as we pulled up to the iconic flags.


Armed with our Ikea bag, we walked in with our list.


Unfortunately, everything is a blank for me once I entered the store. It’s just a black hole of furniture

and kitchen supplies. I foggily remember muttering, “I need those cinnamon buns” but that’s it. The next

thing I knew I was here:


The end result was fantastic, (even though we ended up with a few leftover nails, washers, and



I also ended up with a small salad spinner. This is strange because I make salad twice a year. And I don’t

even mind damp lettuce. What happened in that store?

– Tamara



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