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Excel #Win

August 07, 2014 | by

Hello Friends!

I think you can tell by the title of this blog post that it’s
going to be an exciting one! Who doesn’t want to hear about my Excel
victory? The thing is, everyone else that blogs here is a rep and they
know things about books and all the exciting stuff that’s coming out.
My role here is very different. I sit at my desk and watch with envy
as the reps get boxes of shiny, hardcover books delivered directly to
their offices. As a part of their job they are to read these treasures.
Meanwhile, back in the Operations office I am scrambling with reports,
conferences, and of course, Excel spreadsheets. No shiny books for me.

Well this week I learned how to create a formula in Excel all by myself.
I know, I know, stop bragging right? 🙁 I know no one cares. But while
all of the reps are lounging in their leather chairs reading books and
smoking cigars, (that part is not true) I am expanding my mind with
the world’s most complicated and impressive program that was most certainly
created by wizards. In which case, if I were to high five someone about
my achievements it would look a little something like this:

– Tamara

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