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Eats ‘n Tweets!

November 13, 2014 | by

Hi friends!

This week was my turn to cook lunch for everyone in our office for our monthly Eats

‘n Tweets. It’s only SLIGHTLY stressful feeding 6 people with various tastes and food

preferences, as well as the feeling that you have to wow them with your limited skills.

I decided to make a few things from Arsenal Pulp Press’ Grow What You Eat, Eat

What You Grow. Though, now that I think of it, the irony is that I grew nothing and

ate what someone else grew.

I chose two things: a basil pesto and a herbed ricotta spread. I chose the basil pesto

so that I didn’t have to cook anything, and the ricotta spread because I got to

make the cheese myself, which I figured was the fastest way to impress people.

Everything went well up to the point where I turned on my blender for the final step

of the pesto and it didn’t turn on. It just looked at me smugly as if to say, “Today is the

day I choose to die…sucker” So at 6:30 pm I went out to buy another blender and pull my

hair out of my head.

The results were fantastic though. Tasty, fresh, and easy, (sans faulty blender). I highly

recommend the book!

Grow what you eat, eat what you grow  feast

– Tamara

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