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Carry On!

December 10, 2015 | by

Hi guys!

Who is reading Carry On by Rainbow Rowell? This is the question I asked myself last night when I picked it up as my next book to read. Today I Google Imaged “Carry On” and saw that people are REALLY enthusiastic about this book. Like for example, this girl:

and this girl

and this guy

I guess what I’m saying is that it’s another level of excitement. I’m talking, someone painted their nails with the faces of Simon and Baz kind of excitement.


I read Eleanor and Park and LOVED it. I read Landline and loved it. I read Fangirl and loved it, (except I admittedly skimmed through most of the Simon Snow story because I was too eager to know what was going to happen with Cath and Levi…*waiting for rocks to start hitting my window in protest*). So I’m excited about Carry On. Even if I’m not sure I will be painting my nails and posting YouTube videos of my feelings. But then, you never know.

I think I have to go back and read all the bits I skimmed in Fangirl first though. Ugh, that’ll teach me to be a cheating reader.

I sure hope this book will carry on my love for Rainbow Rowell! I’ll leave you with that terrible pun, which will probably escalate the imaginary rock throwing into a full fledged war on me.

– Tamara

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