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Back to real life

January 09, 2015 | by

The 2015 work year has begun and I have to admit

this week was harder than I thought.  Not the work itself,

but the not being able to sit and read (and devour chips)

whenever the fancy struck.  That said, it is good to be

back into real life.  Over the holidays I read an upcoming

book for this spring, The Mystics of Mile End.  I couldn’t

put it down – loved the setting, loved (and became overly involved with)

the characters and didn’t want the book to end. (Think tears streaming

down face, bunched up tissue in hand, clogged throat – that kind of not

wanting the story to stop.)  All of those things that make for a good book.

It is being published in Canada by Freehand Books and do they have a

great eye for good writing.  Some of my other favourites from Freehand’s list include

Tangles by  Sarah Leavitt, a book about a woman’s life dealing with her mother’s

Alzheimer’s disease told in a graphica format, Detachment by Maurice Mierau – a man

dealing with adopting overseas and his own troubled family past and Seen Reading by

Julie Wilson – a documentation of her sightings of people reading all around her.

Freehand’s books are consistenly well worth reading, are thought provoking and

a joy to indulge in.  Check them out!

Mystics of Mile End


$21.95 PB

Happy Friday!


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