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October 14, 2014 | by

After a weekend of feasting I thought it might be interesting to ponder a new book

from New Society Publishers:  The Emergent Agriculture is  a collection of fourteen thematic essays

on sustainability viewed through the lens of farming. Arguing that industrial food production is

incompatible with the realities of nature, science and ethics, this lyrical narrative makes the case

for a locally based food system which is:

  • Stable in the face of economic uncertainty
  • Resilient in the face of environmental variability
  • Grounded in stewardship of the land, on attaching value to food and the craft involved in
  • producing it, and on respecting the dignity of farmers, consumers and livestock.

This got me thinking about a project my friend Liz Vibert, Associate Professor of History

at the University of Victoria is involved in.  It is a Women’s  Co-operative Farm at Hlekatani Garden

in Joppie Village, South Africa.  Hleketani garden was established in the midst of a food crisis in 1992-93.

Not only was South Africa caught up in the tumultuous transition from apartheid to democracy;

at the same time much of Southern Africa was in the grip of a devastating drought. People in Joppie

and neighbouring villages were overwhelmed by pellagra and other forms of malnutrition.

The farm has provided food and support for the local community.  Here are a few photos.

If you would like to learn more about this project check out:

EMERGENT AGRICULTURE NSPPicture1DSC_0061 - Copy (800x530)




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