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Ruin and Rising is Out Today!

June 17, 2014 | by

Ruin and Rising

The third (and FINAL!) book in Leigh Bardugo’s YA Fantasy GRISHA trilogy, Ruin and Rising, is out today.
And I am EXCITED! How excited, you ask?

Outwardly, I may seem calm. It may even look like I’m working. But internally, I’m doing this:

… While at the same time, repeating this mantra, over and over and over:

And as if that didn’t describe how happy I am that this book is now out, I have sporadically been breaking
into an intense happy dance, like so, ever since I woke up:

So now I’m afraid you’ll have to excuse me while I fangirl a bit more / shut out the world because I need
to read this!

– Vanessa

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