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Gift Giving Solutions

December 11, 2017 | by

One of the most stressful parts of this time of year is finding gifts for all your loved ones. My general rule of thumb is to get people a great book that aligns with their interests. Who doesn’t love a good book?! Well it turns out that there are people in the world who aren’t really into books (…. I know). So I’ve come  up with a list of gift ideas for those folks!

Enamel pins are the coolest accessory around these days, and Peter Pauper has you covered with the best of them all:


Sloth Hard Enamel Pin
9781441325402| Peter Pauper Press
Price: $12.99

Sorry other pins, don’t even bother.

Help your friends and family become better correspondents with this book of excellent postcards!

Warped and Witty Cross-Stitch
30 Feisty Postcards for the Honest Crafter
by Kutthroat, Katie (03/01/17)
9781492650225 | Sourcebooks | RAI
Postcard Book Or Pack | Price: $18.99

This next one seems tailor-made for Canadians, because man, do we ever love talking about weather (you should see the fog we’ve got going on over here on the west coast!).

Observer’s Notebook: Weather
9781616895839 | Princeton Architectural Press | RAI
Journal, Diary, Blank Book | Price: $26.95

And you may or may not be aware, but we’re about to start 2018, and people are always looking to get themselves organized, so why not help out with a most excellent planner!


2018 Polestar Planner
by Polestar Calendars (06/01/17)
9781551861067 | Polestar Calendars
Engagement Calendar | Price: $13.95

Finally, because everyone has to jot down a thought or two:

Gouda Ideas Noteblock
9781452161266 | Chronicle Books | RAI
Notepad | Price: $13.95

(Don’t pretend you didn’t laugh!)

Good luck on your shopping adventures!


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