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Raincoast Books

Raincoast Books is a division of Raincoast Book Distribution Inc., an award-winning, Canadian-owned book wholesale and distribution company based in Vancouver, BC.

Founded in 1979, Raincoast Book Distribution’s other divisions include Publishers Group Canada, a distribution division focusing on specialty independent publishers, and BookExpress, our book wholesale division.

Raincoast Books specializes in providing comprehensive sales, marketing and distribution services to a select number of international publishers. We distribute books on a wide range of topics including food, health, kids, pop culture, and travel, as well as notebooks, stationery and gift products. More information about our publishing partners and their books can be found here.

Raincoast runs a warehouse system capable of swiftly delivering over 20,000 new titles to over 2500 bookstores and other specialty retailers across Canada’s 5 time zones. But we provide more than just efficient distribution. Raincoast delivers complete sales, marketing, and logistical support to our publishers. Not only do we ship orders faster than any publisher in Canada, we devote time, resources and expertise to ensure these books get noticed, picked up, and read.