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What to read?!

June 09, 2016 | by

Hi guys,

The past two weeks have basically just been about planning/dreaming/anticipating my trip to Europe. Last night I put aside some time to go through my traditional grueling process of obsessing over which books to bring with me while keeping in mind the following things:
1. Planes make my head stuffy and sometimes I can’t focus easily because I am afraid of crashing. I’m basically in a constant stage of terror/disbelief that I’m going against my human nature of being a ground mammal and yet I’m flying in a large machine that is a bajillion times heavier than me.
2. I guess I forgot to tell you why number 1 is important for book purposes. I just really like lists. I need a book that catches my attention easily but doesn’t require much concentration. Although, it does need to take my focus away from the verge of puking up my feelings of anxiety. Any ideas? Please Tweet them to us at @ampersandinc
3. Weight. All the books I want to read are hard covers. You can’t pack hard covers on long trips. That’s rule number 1 to packing smart. So I guess this should be at the top of the list, not 3rd.
4. How many do I take? I narrowed it down to three last night. But will I read three books? Probably not. I’m not a speedy reader. I’ll be tired after long days of sightseeing. I will want sleep, not books.

So anyway, this is my struggle. My husband watched me from out of the corner of his eye last night during the hockey game, pacing back and forth between our bookshelf to our living room floor with armful’s of books to review.

I need help. Seriously, Tweet at us and send me some suggestions.

  • Tamara
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