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Happy Friday,

We have just finished our massive mail-out of the Fall

catalogues – high fives all around to the team – Cheryl, Ali,

Mark, and Paulina (our intern for the summer).  It is a huge

job but gives so much satisfaction when it is done.

See below for some photos – just to give you an idea.

Have a great weekend,


Other table for mail out


Mail Out Table One



craft beer cov2

Ah yes – first summer weekend and it was lovely in Victoria.

A good time to sample some of the many craft beers available here.

Joe Wiebe’s Craft Beer Revolution is an excellent guide to  B.C.

breweries and an important reference tool!   Joe provides good advice on

growlers – big glass bottles that resemble moonshine jugs.  Once you buy the

$5 growler jug you can get it refilled at many of the local breweries. According to

Joe the name “growler” originated back in the late 1800′s.  Most beer consumed

in American cities was draft and if people wanted to take it home they used a galvanized

steel pail with a lid on it to prevent spillage.  That lid would rumble or “growl” as carbonation

escaped, and the name growler was born.  There was even an expression for fetching the

beer: “rushing the growler.”    Here’s to a summer of growlin for beer!  Cheers!



Enjoy your 2-4 of beer up at the cottage, eh?


Happy Friday!

The unofficial first weekend of summer is here

and I hope you’re going to enjoy it to the hilt.

I am heading off to my friends’ cabin just outside

Winthrop, Washington.  First of all, it is a beautiful

drive along the North Cascades Highway; secondly

the people we are visiting are lovely and thirdly,

there will be lots of good food, good wine and beer,

a visit to The Trail’s End Bookshop (huzzah!) and lots

of reading time.  What more could one want?

Happy Victoria Day!


Winthrop, Washington

Downtown Winthrop



Hi guys!

This week a coworker and I joined the DK Canada ping pong team for the annual

Scotiabank Pongapalooza tournament, which raises money for First Book Canada.

Last year I subbed in for a missing team member and helped the team place first (of all

the teams to come in last). This year we we had two amazing coaches, Evan Munday,

author of The Dead Kid Detective Agency series and Hilary Leung, author of the

Ninja Cowboy Bear series, who helped us drink some cocktails, come up with a cheer,

and place first AGAIN (in all the teams to come in last). It was pretty epic. Here are

some pictures:

IMG_3327 IMG_3331

IMG_3330Pongapalooza 1

There were autographs, smiles, some minor confusion, (mostly about how to play ping pong) and lots of


‘Till next year: First place (coming in last) undefeated!



Isn’t it lovely to sleep in your own bed after a trip? I just got back from a

week in Toronto, so I’m home in Vancouver, enjoying our beautiful

weather, and lolling around in my own space. It’s lovely to unpack, do

some laundry, and eat from your very own fridge!


Happy Friday!

I am so happy to be home.  I love going to Toronto, staying in a hotel, seeing our publishers there
and hearing about their wonderful new books but there is something to be said about home.  My brain
is very full – there are so many new books in the Fall season it will take me a while to absorb all
the information and retain the titles. Right now if you asked me what my favourite new book was I
couldn’t think of one, on pain of death.  (Not really, but it would be a struggle.)  I call it sales
conference brain and I get it after each marathon set of conferences but it fades fairly quickly and
all the titles settle into place in my head.

Have a great weekend.


Actually, it is more like this:

It’s been a great week of the Toronto sales conference, and the reps are still standing, (I like to think

it’s because of the fantastic food I’ve been feeding them). We’ve made sure all the kinks have been sorted

out this conference, read: we purchased a second coffee maker, and it’s been going very smoothly. I

discovered the reps prefer sour keys over trail mix, and that there is no such thing as a “big enough”

bag of chocolate covered almonds. Having everyone fueled with caffeine and sugar we’ve been learning

lots about forthcoming titles and also getting to know some new lines that we’re bouncing in our

seats out of excitement to sell. Here’s a little taste of one of our new lines, Libretto Group:

C-L Notebooks CL Notebooks


Gorgeous! I’m excited to reveal some more at a later date. I don’t want to spoil you ;)



Hello, and happy May Fourth to us all!


Fly Swatter

After a week of meetings in Vancouver I  was having a leisurely cup of tea while perusing the

Saturday Globe & Mail and what did I see but an article about slow goods  – making quality items

that last.  A photo of a very sturdy looking fly swatter made of bridle leather and  white ash accompanied the

article.  Turns out that fly swatter is from Kaufman Mercantile a company that specializes in sourcing well-

produced practical items.   And wouldn’t you know it Princeton Architectural Press  is publishing their book
this fall:  The Kaufmann Mercantile GuideHow to Split  Wood, Shuck an Oyster and Other Simple Pleasures.

Covering a wide range of topics from how to season a cast iron pan to oyster shucking and soap making, it promises to be

a great reference guide for every home.  Coming from Raincoast in September :

CDN $27.95 · pb



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