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Happy Friday!

Tomorrow we head into Sales Conference to learn about

the new books for the Fall season.  I am starting to get

excited because of all the new books!  It is like Christmas

as I’ve said before.   Nothing makes me happier than a

new list of books to read, new authors to discover and

deciding which to read first.  I’ll let you know what some

of the highlights are next week.


Have a great weekend,


I love books

Hello everyone!

As the reps are gearing up for the Fall 2015 sales conference, I am gearing down from organizing

it all. Next week everyone will be at the Richmond office, meeting and greeting the publishers,

eating lots of free food and learning about new books coming out. I will be here in the Toronto

office with one of my coworkers, and I don’t know how to put this but…we’ll find a way to keep

ourselves busy while everyone’s gone.

- Tamara


I love my Polestar Business Calendar.  I like to write things down – it helps me remember

I really do have to do them.  I also enjoy crossing them off!  It gives me a sense of accomplishment.

I do not feel the same satisfaction ticking things off in a digital mode.  The other thing I really love

about the Polestar Business Calendar is the weekly quotation.  This week’s quotation is:

“ Everything is blooming most recklessly: if it were voices of colours, there would be an unbelievable

shrieking into the heart of the night.”  Rainer Maria Rilke.

It is a perfect description of our incredible west coast spring.



Holy smokes, you guys, it’s almost time for sales conference! Starting this Saturday,

we’ll all have our butts parked in conference room chairs so we can take notes all about

new titles publishing for Fall 2015. It’s exhausting, but so exciting to hear about new

books. Plus the food is pretty great!


Happy Friday!

When you read this, I will have been on vacation for a week.

Nothing earth shattering, I will have been doing some spring

cleaning, decluttering and just organizing my life a bit.

Always a good thing to do, with a great feeling of satisfaction

when it is completed.  That said, I will have also managed to

squeeze in a visit to friends who live a ferry ride away and I’ll

have met their new puppy Kayla.  A great reward for doing

the hard stuff.  Here’s a picture of Kayla, I can’t wait to see her

in real life:


Have a great weekend.


I attended a Chinese wedding feast on the weekend.  The meal consisted of 11

courses!  It is traditional for the couple to have jokes played on them by friends a

and guests at the wedding.  As all the jokes were in Mandarin I wasn’t able to follow much.

Except one -  an apple is tied by a string to a long pole and dangled between the couple who

have to work together to bite the apple together.   Just as they about to bite it is pulled away

much to the general amusement of the crowd.  Eventually they succeed – to great cheers from

the guests.



Spring is in full bloom here in Vancouver, and I’m considering an overhaul of my

patio area. I’n  not a great gardener by any means, but looking at dreamy

landscapes, and lush gardens is so inspiring!

Private Edens
Beautiful Country Gardens
by Staub, Jack ; Cardillo, Rob (02/15/13)
9781423621089 | Gibbs Smith | RAI
Cloth | Price: $65.00


There is a book coming this September that I am very excited about;

it is the book I most want to read this year.  The title is Furiously Happy:

A Funny Book About Horrible Things by Jenny Lawson.

Jenny’s first book, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True

Memoir is one of the funniest books I have ever read.  It made me laugh

so hard, I laughed my cat right off my lap.  That said, it also made me cry

as Jenny didn’t shy away from talking about serious things too.  Her new

book is about what it is like to struggle with mental illness and personality

disorder.  On her recent blog post (check out The Bloggess if you haven’t

done so) she talks about how difficult it is to talk about the taboo subjects

of mental illness, self-harm and personality disorders but also how important

it is to talk about them. To quote her “…it shows people that laughter and joy can

come from chaotic bizarreness.”  She goes on to say that most people who

read her first book didn’t have mental illness but that they still loved the book,

and that if we laugh at bad things, they become easier to deal with.

Bring it on Jenny!



Furiously Happy : A Funny Book About Horrible Things

Jenny Lawson

On Sale Date: September 22, 2015


Hardcover  $31.30

Flatiron Books (Raincoast)

Have a great weekend!


Hi friends!

April is National Poetry Month and the theme for this year is food. If you have followed this blog

you will have noticed by now that the Ampersand offices are passionate about two things: books

and food. So having being inspired by this Quill & Quire article I’ve decided to contribute to National

Poetry Month by writing this haiku about one of my favourite foods. Enjoy.


Chicken Wings:

Drumsticks meaty, sauce.

Blue cheese dressing, crunchy bite.

Finger licking good.


- Tamara

Hummingbirds Book


Photographing hummingbirds is difficult.  I can attest to it!

Hummingbirds like my porch.  Fairly regularly they fly in and have to

be caught – usually with a strainer and a large piece of cardboard to  cover it.

My wall calendar also works.   Here is a photo of the hummingbird that flew in

this weekend.  After getting over the shock of his capture he did fly away.


But I don’t think this is his best angle.  For some great photos of

hummingbirds check out The Complete Book of Hummingbirds

by Tony Tilford published by Thunder Bay Books and distributed by

Raincoast.   It’s full of spectacular photos of “jewels in flight!”


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